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Arizona is in our name—and it’s our home, too. Protecting and improving the health of our neighbors is what we’re all about. Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Arizona has new Medicare Advantage plans to fit your needs, your speed, and your budget. All delivered with the personal, local service you deserve.

New plans for even more ways to get healthier and save

Combines medical and prescription drug coverage, convenient care options, plus enhanced benefits to help you take even more charge of your health.
Combines medical and prescription benefits with flexible and convenient care options when you’re out of state. Plans include a range of enhanced benefits to keep you going strong.
  • $50 quarterly allowance in all BluePathway plans and $75 quarterly allowance in all BlueJourney plans for OTC health-related products
  • 24/7 telehealth doctor visits on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer
  • Coverage for chiropractic, acupuncture, and therapeutic massage
$0 Features
  • fitness facility membership
  • hearing exam and upgrade to rechargeable hearing aids
  • vision exam and hardware allowance

* Available to all BluePathway and BlueJourney plans in 2021

Current BluePathway HMO or BlueJourney PPO Members Click Here for plan resources

Existing plans for additional options and provider choices

Blue Medicare Advantage HMO

Classic, Plus, and Standard plans combine medical and prescription drug coverage, enhanced healthcare benefits, and conveniences such as neighborhood service centers.


  • $0 Primary care doctor visit copay
  • $0 Silver&Fit® membership
  • $0 Routine Eye Exam from preferred provider
  • $0 or low monthly premiums
Current Blue Medicare Advantage HMO Members Click Here for plan resources