To help you get the most value from your plan, we offer a variety of resources:

Drug Resources


See if a drug is covered by our formulary.

The BCBSAZ Advantage drug calculator can help you choose the most appropriate drug for you medical condition. Tier status, estimated costs, and projected savings are a few of the criteria demonstrated in this helpful tool.

Search for a pharmacy in your plan’s network.

Additional Resources

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Explains the options available if you have a problem or complaint with a medical service or Part D prescription drug.

Get the medicine you need to feel better and live well.

Find a primary care physician (PCP), specialist, mental health provider, hospital, and more, in your plan's provider network.

Download forms and information for members.

Your rights and responsibilities if you voluntarily or involuntarily end your membership in the plan.

A representative is a person who is appointed or authorized by you to act on your behalf in filing a grievance, requesting health care and/or prescription drug services, and dealing with any of the levels of the appeals process.

Information and resources to help you maintain good health and well being.

Request reimbursement for covered medical care and supplies that were paid out-of-pocket.

Stay Informed


Log in or register to the Member Portal. Here you can view health education classes, learn about plan resources, or find and rate a network healthcare provider.

BCBSAZ Advantage’s Medicare Advantage seminars are free and available to those who would like to learn more about our plans and services.

An online version of the current and past editions of the member newsletter, OnetoOne, can be viewed here:

Privacy Resources


Information about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and your rights.

* Member Alert! Plus learn strategies to avoid becoming a victim of Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA) and how to report your Medicare FWA concerns.

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