Care Management

BCBSAZ Advantage provides a wide range of Care Management services for our members. There is no additional cost to access these programs or services and a referral from your physician is not necessary. We encourage you or your family/caregiver to call Member Services at 1-800-446-8331 (TTY: 711) to learn more.

Case Management

Case Management provides an individualized approach to assist members, family, and caregivers with their services. We help make sure care is provided at the right place at the right time. Case management can provide a comprehensive assessment, coordinate care with your physician, and be a bridge to community resources.

Care Coordination

Experienced social workers and medical assistants are available to assist your family and care giver to navigate the health care system. They can provide assessment and education. They can also explain how to access local resources as well as answer questions about the community, state and federal programs.

Health Education Classes

Health Education Classes are designed to maximize the health, productivity, and quality of life for members who have chronic health conditions. We work in collaboration with our hospital partners, physician partners, and area agencies in the counties we serve to offer a wealth of classes. These classes are designed to help participants gain awareness, motivation, and skills to improve or maintain their own good health and well-being. Classes are free to BCBSAZ Advantage members. A calendar of current education classes can be found here.

Caregiver Support

BCBSAZ Advantage recognizes that being a caregiver is an important role. However, it can be very stressful. Practicing good self-care both physically and emotionally is a very important aspect of being a caregiver. Having adequate support is also important – there are caregiver resources available to assist you.

To help in your role as a caregiver, please download the following items to learn more about resources available in your area: Caregiver Resource Guide, Maricopa County Caregiving Resources, and Pima County Caregiving Resources

Managing Doctor Visits and Medications

Maintaining a personal health record (PHR) can assist you in having more effective and accurate communications with your medical providers. A PHR can help you record important information in one place and keep track of contact information for doctors and care providers, allergies, medical history, vaccinations, and needed health screenings. View your PHR here. Download your PHR here.

To just track your medications, download a Medication Record here.

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