Disease Education & Support


Diabetes classes are available for members who have been informed that they have pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Both classes meet for four, two-hour sessions taught by a Certified Diabetes Educator. There's also support via telephone.

Information includes:

  • how body systems are affected
  • treatment (diet, exercise and medications)
  • prevention and treatment of complications
  • sick-day management,
  • blood-sugar monitoring
  • glucometer teaching and equipment review
  • local community resources.

Healthy Heart Program

This can help anyone who has any type of cardiovascular disease (past cardiac surgery, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias).

Classes meet four consecutive weeks for two-hour sessions and are offered every month.

Classes focus on exercise, diet, medications, stress management and life issues. Emphasis is risk factors and lifestyle changes. Guest speakers include an exercise physiotherapist, registered dietician and clinical pharmacist.

Healthy Heart and Diabetes classes are taught in classrooms located in various locations.